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We hold monthly artist led walks with 10 to people. Ah, there are so many. Shortly after the presidential election of , MoW hosted a full moon walk.

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Over people showed up to a mountain preserve. Illuminated only by the moon, a triangle indicated the start of the walk. You could hear the crunch of feet rising and falling on the rocky ground as we walked in silence.

John Prine - Taking A Walk

Soon, the feet took on a collective crunch, more of a marching, an intensity that seemed to build with every step. Eventually, all steps slowed down as if there had been a collective catharsis. We showed up and explored what was possible, listening to the world around us and simply walking, one step at a time. The Museum of Walking believes in walking as an art practice because the future of museums exists beyond their walls. Introduce an international large-scale walk, inviting participants around the globe to walk, in unison, on the same day, to explore diverse knowledges of land and Indigenous histories.

Facebook Twitter Instagram. Previous Article Next Article. What is it? My work focuses on making the invisible visible. MoW is about participation and engagement. What has been the best walk you have led so far and why?

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How can people find out about MoW events? Is MoW organic in a sense that it could spread all over the world and how do you see it growing? In five years the Museum of Walking has three clear goals: 1.

The Art of Taking a Walk

To create a scalable prototype of MoW. Leverage the culture of counting steps to move beyond the Fitbit. The idea is that if you have a very powerful meme … and the moment is ripe, then that is enough to ignite a revolution. This is the background that we come out of. A scheduled auction of abstractions was cancelled due to rain, and a porcelain-repairer and peanut-seller orchestra never performed because they never showed up. As Breton transferred his alliance to Surrealism, he continued hosting nocturnal strolls.

Juan Betancurth and Todd Shalom, 4Ever21 The previous artists use video, photography, sculpture, graphic design and text to represent their walks. You sign up and pay for these group walks and then set out on a curated conceptual adventure. A lot of Elastic City tours employ rituals; small, out-of-the-ordinary interventions or inversions that aim to reify the city and detourne everyday experience. For Shalom, a good walk creates a community.

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Here is his TEDx talk. Janet Cardiff is well known for her audio walking tours. Combining the act of walking with the medium of audio allows you to carry narration in your mind while still leaving your senses available to hear past the headphones, turn your head, focus your attention, breathe in the smells, touch the wind and navigate the sites. Cardiff has a really sultry, sorrow-tinged voice, and her narration recalls guided imagery therapy or hypnosis.

Intensely deliberate and somewhat confessional, set to the rhythm of her heartbeat footsteps, you kind of always feel like she is getting at something dire. You know this is a prerecording manufactured for a mass experience, even while there her voice is, insistently inside your head like it is only for you. Cardiff leads you with cues and associations that are vague enough to leave room for your own meaning making, but too structured to really make it your own.

She aims to make you simultaneously fall for and fall out of these manufactured but immersive, evocative environments. The walk echoes the visual world as well, using photographs to reflect upon the relationship between images and notions of possession, loss, history, and beauty.

Another book series that exactingly measured movements of his practice included a count of his steps. Thursday, December 6, — p. Here are some examples, including my own. Carrie Schneider is a Houston-based conceptual artist. Check out this great review of walking poetry:. Kaia Sand is also a great walker. In Remember to Wave and Landscapes of Dissent.

And Green-Wood by Allison Cobb. Love this post! Thanks, Carrie. I look forward to exploring the artists you mention more. Winogrand, Eggleston, and about 50 other photographers I know. Take a look at almost any street photographer and you will see walking as art. Love this old but not outdated post!

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