e-book Rethinking Information Systems in Organizations: Integrating Organizational Problem Solving

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Innovating as a Texture of Practices. Ravaisson, Simondon, and constitution of routine action: Organizational routines as habit and individuation. Linking Theory to Practice in Inclusive Education. Defining Change. Embracing the Tension. Making Sense of Strategic Decision Making. Social Movements: Organizations and Organizing. Affective politics in gendered organizations: Affirmative notes on becoming-woman. Quantum Sustainable Organizing Theory.

Organizing Conflict. Andrew M. Pettigrew: A Groundbreaking Process Scholar.

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Ralph Stacey: Taking Experience Seriously. Strategic Leadership in PK — 12 Settings. Managerial change and strategic change: The temporal sequence. Strong versus Weak Sociomateriality. Is it the Brazilian Way? Extending the Comparison of Public and Private Organizations. Temporary Organizing: Promises, Processes, Problems. The problem of change in constructivist theory: Ontological security seeking and agent motivation.

Toward a process and situated view of compromises. Program group's discursive construction of context: A means to legitimize buck-passing. The limits of process: On re reading Henri Bergson. Making sense of organizational structure change: a practice-based approach. Identity formation and strategy development in overlapping institutional fields.

Coopetition in a headwind — The interplay of sensemaking, sensegiving, and middle managerial emotional response in coopetitive strategic change development.

Rethinking Information Systems in Organizations: Integrating Organizational Problem Solving

Complexity, uncertainty-reduction strategies, and project performance. Using personal narratives to explore multiple identities in organisational contexts. Inquiring into arresting moments over time: Towards an understanding of stability within change. Politics of change: the discourses that inform organizational change and their capacity to silence. To start practice theorizing anew: The contribution of the concepts of agencement and formativeness. Transnational organizing: Issue professionals in environmental sustainability networks. Leading changes: Why transformation explanations fail. Who killed change management?

The mediating roles of internal context variables in the relationship between distributed leadership perceptions and continuous change behaviours of public school teachers.

Expert knowledge in the making: using a processual lens to examine expertise in construction. A sensemaking perspective on coopetition. Service response to economic decline: Innovation actions for achieving strategic renewal. Cultivating strategic foresight in practise: A relational perspective. Learning while re configuring: Business model innovation processes in established firms.

Contributorship and Partial Inclusion. Balanced or unbalanced routines: the case of two routines dynamics in a French hospital. Collaborativeness as the core of professional learning communities beyond culture and context: evidence from Canada, Finland, and Israel. A communicative approach to sociomateriality: the agentic role of technology at the operational level. Theory Evaluation, Entrepreneurial Processes, and Performativity.

The development of a Design Research Canvas for data practitioners. Routines and Creativity: From Dualism to Duality.

On Organizational Becoming: Rethinking Organizational Change

Scott Sonenshein. Martha S. Feldman , Brian T. Growing fast or slow?

Competing with Information Systems

The emergence of home-based accommodations in Iran: A study of self-organization. The Practicality of Practice Theory. Project Management between Will and Representation. Limits to and prospects of entrepreneurship education in the academic context. Changing the NHS a day at a time: The role of enactment in the mobilisation and prefiguration of change. Practice transfer in MNCs: a process of tension and contestation. Challenges, solutions and future directions in the evaluation of service innovations in health care and public health.

Relationship between the interactive use of control systems and the project performance: The moderating effect of uncertainty and equivocality. When more is not better: The effect of the number of learning interventions on the acquisition of process-oriented thinking.

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Imagining organization through metaphor and metonymy: Unpacking the process-entity paradox. The resilience of family farms: Towards a relational approach. Crowdsourcing Strategizing.

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Planes, straws and oysters: the use of metaphors in healthcare reform. Sensemaking at work: meaningful work experience for individuals and organizations. Emphasising the political and emotional dimensions of organisational change politics with Laclauian discourse theory. Summoning the spirits: Organizational texts and the dis ordering properties of communication.

From translation to enactment: contributions of the Actor-Network Theory to the processual approach to organizations. Identity, diversity and diversity management. Roles as Mediators in Identity Work. The social potency of affect: Identification and power in the immanent structuring of practice. Embracing Discursive Paradox. Sensemaking processes and Weickarious learning. Learning in times of dynamic complexity through balancing phenomenal qualities of sensemaking.

Absorptive capacity: a non-linear process. Rose-tinted lenses: how American functionalist strategy inhibits our appreciation of complex conflicts. Finding an emergent way through transformational change: a narrative approach to strategy. Sensors and sensibility: examining the role of technological features in servitizing construction towards greater sustainability. Stacy E. Contribution of Complex Systems to Entrepreneurship.