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The major detrimental effect of careful life-cycle assessment of biocomposites is essen- hygrothermal and UV exposure are property deterioration, tial in order to retain the main advantage in the process discoloring and deformation. Product overview and market pro- jection of emerging bio-based plastics. Carbo- Science and Manufacturing ;— Oil palm poest I. Composites Science and Technology ucts ;— Macromolecular Materials A. Polymer — Composites ;— Rapra Review Reports ;13 8 :1— Effect of [11] Baillie C, editor.

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Green composites: polymer composites and chemical treatments on water sorption and mechanical properties the environment. Bioresource Technology ;—9. Journal of Applied p. Polymer Science ;— Func- ites. Cambridge, UK: Woodhead Publishing; , pp. Composites Science and Technology from macro to nanoscale.

Philadelphia: Old City Publishing; , ;— Progress in Polymer Science ;— Science and Technology ;— In: Pickering K, editor. Properties and performance of tor and enzyme treatments. Cambridge, UK: Woodhead Publishing; ;—8.

Green composites: natural fibers and biobased resin

Composites Part A: Applied Science and forced polypropylene. Composites Science and Technology Manufacturing ;—8. Char- [39] Bourmaud A, Baley C. Polymer Degradation and Stability in the stem and properties of the derived unidirectional com- ;— Journal of [19] Oksman K. Applied Composite Materials ;— Properties and performances of various hybrid Mondragon I. Materials and composites. Impact turing ;— Thermal and posite laminates.

Improving the inter- ogy ;— Hybrid bio-based Biobased Materials and Bioenergy ;— Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy ;— Composites Part A: on the mechanical properties of unidirectional and multidi- Applied Science and Manufacturing ;— Plasticized wheat ;—8. Science and Manufacturing ;— Reinforcement [26] Buttlar HB. Novel low-cost analysis of vinylester—resin—matrix composites reinforced with jute—polyester composites. Weathering and thermal behavior.

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Technology ;—7. III: Statistical strength charac- composites under normal and liquid nitrogen atmosphere. Com- teristics and cost—performance analyses. Forest Products Journal posites Science and Technology ;—9. In: Mattoso LH, Leao by electron beam processing. Natural polymers and composites conference ;—4. Composites Science and Technology properties of polypropylene matrix composites. Composites Sci- ;— Composites Science and Technology polypropylene composites.

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Vegetal fibers in polymeric composites: a review

Charpy toughness behavior of continuous [59] Sarkar S, Adhikari B. In: TMS annual nolic resin. Polymer Composites ;— In: SPE conference. ANTEC plastics the magical solution. Press; FTIR spectra and B. Polymer Degradation and Stability ;— Phenolic matrices and sisal DE. Journal of Cleaner Production ;— Study of mechanical and of thermosets and composites.

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Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites ;— Thermoset matrix [66] Sarikanat M. Polymer Testing ;— Relationship Bioresource Technology ;— Polymer Testing ;—7. Materials [90] Chand N, Jain D. Composites Part [69] Santulli C. Journal of Natural Fibers ;— Materials Composites ;— Science and Engineering A ;—5. Composites Sci- HMD.

Biopolymers and Biocomposites

Materials and Design ;—6. Mechanical proper- ;— Advances in Materials Research ;——4. Advances in Materials Research ;41——6. Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy process. Polymer Bulletin ;— Journal of Indian ;—7. Textile ;— Effect of volume fraction of ramie cloth obtained from heterogeneous reactions. Polymer Testing ;—5. Journal of Polymers and the Environment ;— Polimery ;— Polymer Letters ;— Studies on the polypropy- ence and Manufacturing ;—9. Dynamic mechanical analysis of Research Letters in Materials Science ;—4. Characterisation and utilization of natural coconut and Technology ;— Materials and Design ;—4.

Study mechani- ;— Cement and Concrete Composites ;— Polymer SN. Mechanical behavior of epoxy composites reinforced with Degradation and Stability ;—9. In: TMS annual meeting. Bioresource Technology ;—6. Lignocellulosic com- mechanical properties of chemically treated coir reinforced posite. Polymers for Advanced Technologies ;— Banana Manufacturing ;—8. Barley husk and coconut shell mer composites. Carbohydrate Polymers ;—9. Experimental evaluation for mechan- chemical and surface properties. Composites Science and Technol- ical property of unidirectional banana reinforced polyester ogy ;—6.

Development of bamboo-based poly- — The preparation and A: Applied Science and Manufacturing ;— Materials Science and ;— Engineering A ;—— Advances in Materials Research ;47——7. European Polymer processability of unplasticized poly vinyl chloride composites. Journal ;— Polymer — Plastics Technology and Engineering ;— The effect of oil extraction of H.

Effects of environmental aging on the mechanical Polymeric Materials ;— Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing Effect of oil extraction of the oil palm empty fruit bunch on the ;— Oil palm ;——4. International Applied Science ;—6. Journal of Polymeric Materials ;— Polymer — Design ;—8. Plastics Technology and Engineering ;— Stud- ;— Flame retar- Materials ;— Mechanical behavior and Composites Science and Technology ;— Rice husk as polypropylene composites.

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Rice polyethylene and lead oxide composites for radiation shielding. A solid state NMR carbon- with respect to impact property.