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Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! It is packed with full page colour photographs - most never before published. Very Good. Used book in very good condition. Some cover wear, may contain a few marks.

Variations, unusual and rare helmets, and "foreign volunteer" SS helmets are also explored. Since the first edition of "SS Steel," a lot has taken place. Numerous superb original examples of helmets have surfaced that not only reinforce the decal to maker correlation, but also to give authoritative context for exceptions to this correlation.

Both the reinforcement aspects and the exception aspects will be illuminated further in this update. Some of the information that has surfaced deals with more accurate dating of helmets via anecdotal use of batch or lot numbers, which loosely give a helmet a production period that in combination with the decal it displays from the factory can lead to determination of when certain patterns of decals were used and perhaps why. Pocher decals. In the first edition of "SS Steel," this happenstance was characterized as an early characteristic, based on several examples of or earlier dated Ms, plus some period photos showing early use of Pocher decals.

In the intervening period since the first edition, it has been definitively determined that C. Pocher decals were also used on factory issue ET M helmets, alongside and even intermingled with standard ET decals, during a large portion of This is due to their correlation to the 4, series lot numbers, which loosely equate to production overall.

So this very significant point has been identified and helps refine and advance collector knowledge on Ms.

German WW2 Helmets -

Other useful information has been incorporated into this update, with the intent of creating greater clarity on production and use of all helmets across the wartime spectrum of the SS. It is my greatest hope that this information will help solidify and strengthen the body of knowledge surrounding these magnificent trophies of the Second World War.

The unique color combinations identified each regiment, and were the last stand for military fashion before and during World War I. The pre-war models as well as the M-7 and M war model caps are all illustrated in color photos and original period postcards. The book also provides German nomenclature for the caps and valuable tips on how to collect and identify the various regiments. Perhaps the best reference yet written on the overall subject of the Third Reich steel helmet.

Details and heretofore little known facts are presented in a chronological order through the examination of scores of the finest original examples. The reader will come away with a better understanding of the production, adornment and period modification in design of the combat helmets of Hitler's armed forces. This new book provides an organized, chronological guide to the evolution and development of the myriad types of soft headgear worn by the SS.

As the pre- and war-years progressed, geographical areas of operation changed, and the composition of the SS divisions evolved. So also, did the headgear worn by these troops.

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This reference illustrates a great number of these examples with over photos including more than half in color. The overwhelming majority of these pictures including many rare original candid period snapshots have never been seen before in any previous publication. Featured are rare and unique helmets, some previously unseen. The text includes a short history of the belligerent countries — setting the helmets and their development in context — as well as details and dimensions of all helmets.

The countries featured are: Vol. The helmets illustrated come from rarely-seen private collections, as well as national museums, including items not currently on public display. This set is a superb reference for all helmet collectors and historians of the First World War.

The examples shown are genuine artifacts of the Third Reich, and most are shown here for the first time. Some of the finest collections and sources globally have been solicited in the construction of this book. The value of these SS helmet resources from the world over cannot be overstated in terms of their contribution toward collector knowledge — as well as the safety and survivability of this historical hobby. The photographic selection, and excellent quality of photo-representation, brings to life the heraldry and visual impact of these iconic objects.

The reader will not only understand and become well versed in the recognized variations of SS helmets, but will also have a feel for the historical context in which they were used. The coverage continues in similar detail on the National Socialist Automobile Corps and the National Socialist Motor Corps with its numerous sub-units. The complex evolution of the insignia, the ranking and piping systems, the various organizational and school headgear styles, plus full documentation and detail-filled photos grace this large page reference.

Many are in full color. For the first time, collectors will see a comprehensive full color photographic lexicon picturing helmets from every unit of the Imperial German Army of Many of the photographs exhibit helmets of such rarity that they have never been seen outside a select group of advanced collectors. Carefully selected, each photograph and illustration affords the reader information not to be found elsewhere. Presented in a clear and easy to understand format, the detailed text covers evolution of the Pickelhaube from until , helmet nomenclature, front plates of the Active, Reserve and Landwehr regiments, and identification tables for officer and other ranks helmets.

Without a doubt, these are the most extensive and comprehensive books on this subject ever published in English. German Jet Aces of World War 2. The Origins of the Second World War. The Second World War 4.

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History of the Second World War. World Of Animals Vol. German Bombers of World War One. German Jets of World War Two.