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The process of attaching a radioisotope to a molecule is known as labeling or radiolabeling. Different radioisotopes can emit different types of radiation such as alpha, beta, or gamma, each of which has different properties and is used in different clinical settings.

They are used primarily for treatment as they can damage and kill diseased cells. Gamma radiation travels farther and can be detected using specialized cameras. If there is a possibility that you are pregnant, please tell the technologist before the test is started. Are any activities restricted after this procedure?

No, you may continue your normal activities unless otherwise instructed. Do I need to make changes to my diet? Continue your normal diet unless otherwise instructed by scheduling or your physician. Do I need to adjust any medications? Your medicines should not be stopped or unless your doctor tells you to. My doctor requested that I bring my films to my next appointment, what do I do?

Saint Joseph has implemented a new imaging archiving system which allows physicians to digitally view your images in their offices. The technologist that performs your procedure will also be able to provide you with a CD computerized disk to take with you upon request.

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What is interventional radiology? What is nuclear medicine? Yeong, C. Therapeutic radionuclides in nuclear medicine: Current and future prospects. Journal of Zheijiang University Science B, 15 10 : MLA Brazier, Yvette.


MediLexicon, Intl. APA Brazier, Y.

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Nuclear Medicine Imaging

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By Yvette Brazier. Table of contents In diagnosis In treatment What to expect Safety. A radiologist is a qualified doctor who specializes in radiology. Radioactive agents my be swallowed in pill form, inhaled, or injected as part of a person's treatment. After having radioactive treatment, a person should avoid physical contact with other people as much as possible for days, which may involve taking time off work. Related coverage. Additional information.

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